she’s a past bride of mine.

what i love most is following a couple through their journey after marriage.

well. it’s baby time.

time for adorable boudoir.

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what’s great about every shoot is that it’s always spontaneous.

you don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but you know it will be damn good.

it’s the best.

after “setting up” a shoot over the phone with our initial location, there was a change of plans when we showed up.

on a whim, we ran over to a parking garage close by. the gloomy weather was the perfect seattle light. just how you would describe it to someone having never been here.

so good.

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spending hours together.

sippin’ on champagne.

driving to familiar locations.

it was all too wonderful.

we cruised around the city. we assumed it was the last nice day seattle had to offer…

luckily we were wrong.

this week has been a beauty so far. nice & crisp.

just the way i like it.

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it rained. i mean, it really poured.

that didn’t stop these two from being optimistic & treating the rain as a romantic part of their engagement shoot.

embrace it.

i really admire that about kathrina & ryon.

we spent hours shooting & concluded our night with delicious pizza & wine. why not spend the entire day together chatting about how perfect your wedding day will be?

i’m always down.

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joe is the first cousin to get married on our side of the fam. i couldn’t image anyone more perfect for him than megan.

among us youngin’s. we’ve all thought about it. how could it possibly go so smoothly. our side of the family can get a little crazy. but honestly, who’s doesn’t?

as soon as we’re all in the same space together, no matter how crammed or loud, goofy & obnoxious we all may be, it’s easy to enjoy the moment. we laugh, call each other out, make fun, remenisce about childhood & bring up silly nicknames (love ya joe joe).

what i love about weddings is everyone makes the effort to show up (which really isn’t difficult) but sometimes we lose sight of why we need to be there. maybe it’s not that convenient & your initial thought is you have your whole life to spend time with your family and lifelong friends. that’s not the case.

everyone grows older & the younger generations get on with their own lives. which is totally overwhelming with responsibility. life is scary & being caught up in it, we tend to forget how to spend time with our entire family.

to me holidays & special occasions aren’t enough. there’s no excuse for it. we’re all guilty, but i don’t understand why in most cases it takes getting married to get the whole family together.

this day was a great wake up call & reminder. at the end of the day nothing compares to spending time with those you care about most. it’s simple.

on that note, what better way to hold on to these precious memories than to capture them with photographs. it is such a privilege & honor to not only be apart of this family, but to be the one to shoot, & witness this day. where two families become one & especially apart of mine.

  1. Jessica Alvarado-Graham

    You are so talented Alyssa! I can’t thank you enough for shooting the Joe-Joe’s wedding. I am extremely grateful. You capture raw emotions like no other. I wish the night never ended!
    Jessica Alvarado-Graham

  2. Mary Faw

    you did an incredible job. The pics are wonderful. Meg and Joe are a great couple, and their day was perfect. Thank you, Mary

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