i’m so freaking ready to show off this couple.

these two are genuine souls. not to mention incredibly gorgeous. your eyes will figure that out for you. if ya ever get the chance to meet K & R. you will instantly fall in love.

i’m super duper thankful we’ve shared a connection together from the start.

lush centerpieces inspired by dreamy secret garden vibes. simple, clean, & full of character. having their friends & family around is what truly made everything about this day comfortable.

if you’ve got time spare. go for it. jump on the bed with your girls. props to kathrina & her hand for writing these…

to see video of the wedding, check out magical touch media. not only is ben a badass at what he does, working with him was probably the best experience i’ve encountered shooting with a videographer.

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every inch of this wedding was free flowing & organic. with a beautiful, laid back, kindhearted group it only made it easier to capture the day as it happened, naturally.

so much bouquet gloriousness.  i love how this ceremony focused on backdrop over details. if you have to choose between out of this world centerpieces or a enchanting background, the scenery is gonna show up more often in photos than the napkins you’re placing your silverware on.
with just the right amount of cafe lights overlooking the celebration, they set the mood & create a dreamy glow. there’s no need for me to whip my flash out.
it was so refreshing to have meghan along side me shooting again. especially for this gem. she helped capture the color of the day.


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mascara melodies. that’s her name as a fashion blogger, but behind it all she’s my little southern belle, kimberly.

it’s always fun to grab a drink, shoot & catch up. i wouldn’t have it any other way with my shoots.

check her blog out to see where all these nordstrom goodies she’s wearing are from.

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the air was full of festivity.

lightweight decor, a handmade piñata, rooftop access…all set in a surreal location, court in the square.

this group sure as hell knows how to get down.

can’t thank you guys enough for letting me be apart of your special day.