jennifer gauthier, ladies & gents.

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“over the years, the way i work has begun to take an incredible shift. this shift became apparent the moment i began to recognize how quickly time passes and how each moment is married with impermanence. every single thing that is familiar, comfortable, joyful, heartbreaking or painful is only temporary. that is the beauty in life; the little moments, captured or otherwise just a fleeting memory. my art is not precious. it acts as a mirror and captures who i am during that little lost moment. each piece maps out where i have been and informs the following piece and all the next pieces to come.” “i like to call my process of abstract painting for what it truly is. i am going into the unknown. once i stand face to face with a blank canvas, the moments between become a blur. painting is meditative and transcendent. i look at my work afterwards with wonder. i recognize my marks and color, because they are undoubtedly mine, but i know that there is an unknown ingredient that greets my process. the energetic exchange of stepping into the unknown forms a rhythm and the rest of it becomes my dance.” “every one of my senses has become observant. i bounce between the different stages of my creative process until i feel informed enough to begin another painting once again. i absorb colors on the street. i record the movement of water. i invite interesting conversations with others to form new ideas. not every moment of studio time is spent in the physical act of painting. but every moment is spent collecting data so that i can realize the foundation of the next piece.” we took a trip to a local boutique called tide lines, where jen’s art is displayed beautifully.

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this day was such a sweet treat.

shout out to my lady, kathrina. not only does she have fantastic styling skills, but this is her home. yes, it’s true. she’s such a delightful hostess. this place is the most inviting airy white space & incorporates a splash of rosé. kath wants to surround herself with beautiful things & i admire that. from colorful rugs, to unique drinking cups, to flowy dresses in her wardrobe. let’s just say this girl can’t deny fresh flowers to display on her coffee table…but don’t we all enjoy that?

you can check out more of her work here.

now…let me introduce you to this fox lady, maddie.

she’s a gal who can vibe with whatever you want to talk about. totally lives in the moment, like we all aspire to do.

this shoot shows off how important it is to fall in love with yourself. anyone deserves to be thrilled with the body they’re are spending their entire life with.

the way i look at it, is you gotta show yourself love cause honestly who else gon do it?

what better way than to capture maddie in her skivvies for noone but herrself. let it feel good.

P R E S S – P L A Y

  1. Maddie Bui

    Yes Queen! These photos are absolutely breathtaking Alyssa! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this with you, you’re so incredibly talented 🙂 Thanks again!

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