this girl is making her way all over my blog. what’s new. she’s too damn wonderful.

i’ve been branching out with more boudoir.

it’s gotta be done right. it needs to fit your personality. focus on those small details. the kind that show off, well…YOU!

why not? do this when you’re in the prime of your life. i don’t care if your 25, 35, 45, hell…even 65! work it. have something to look back on & think to yourself, “damn, i look good”.




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oh happy day!

cory & ellen’s wedding is featured on the pretty blog.

you can see the full feature HERE.

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random bits from my trip to chicago.

played with newborn babes.

met the boyfriend’s parents.

looked through old photo albums.

felt like home.

here’s some images from a day downtown & a trip to the graveyard. it tried to be spooky, but didn’t scare us. instead it basically just made kelly look bomb & show off a little bit of her sassy side.

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it was the first day of summer. what a hot day full of sweatiness.

i couldn’t think of a better way to spend malia & daniel’s engagement shoot than going to vance creek bridge.

we’ve become great friends. since way back to those days in college…which isn’t actually that long ago, but still. that doesn’t matter.

without turning around & chatting up malia in class. i wouldn’t have been led to shoot her & daniel’s wedding.

an entire life journey including one’s education, challenges, learned lessons, experiences, and achievements are all a cycle of footprints that have brought us to this very moment. that’s what i admire about life & with my job i can really acknowledge these paths i cross.


back to our experience at vance creek. holy %@#$%&!

unfortunately we were all afraid of heights, but after hugging, holding hands, & trying not to look down didn’t stop us from doing what we needed to do.

oh hey. here’s a sweet post from the bride to be’s perspective:

if you don’t already follow her blog, you should. it will make your day SO much better.

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there’s special something about these two, that you can’t quite place. it’s the defining quality of a relationship, the thing no one can ever completely describe.

but it’s sure as hell there.

ellen is attention-grabbing beautiful, because you can’t help but be gravitated to her presence whenever she walks into a room.

cory is a gentleman, the biggest sweetheart & knows how to treat his lady right.

together these two are perfect.



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