snuggly cozy new kittens & morning coffee at amanda’s.

it is physically impossible for them to be cuter.

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  1. Diane Krstulovich

    Thanks for sharing these tender and beautiful photos. Clearly (like Sarah Palin) her ‘crime’ is that she’s beautiful. (daughter Bristol, too) WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??? [maybe they just need to make some real money from their beauty to be accepted for their other qualities – of course 2nd place in the Miss America contest didn’t help Sarah. Or did it?) Kittens are so wonderful. That muffin looks DELICIOUS! Recipe? (or maybe you could SELL them for your new money-making venture!) Yum, yum, yum! thanks again

  2. Michelle Moore

    Wow! These are absolutely fantastic. Very artistic. And a huge thank you to Amanda, Deanna and da cute kitty putters for sharing some of their real life with us all. Really cool! 😉

  3. Randy

    These would be much better if they featured a couple of cute Cairn terriers…(Think Toto from Wizard of OZ)…hack hack…poof (fur ball)

  4. Al Semple

    Hey, Amanada, a big hello from me and julie. How are you??? The pictures look great. I saw your mom last week and spoke with her. Always nice to see her and your sister. Peace

  5. Al Semple

    Hey Amanda. You might get two messages. This site did not take the first comment. Any way. A big hell from myself and julie. How are you doing ?? I spoke with your mom last week. Always good to see her and your sister. I hope she passed on our messge to ya. Cheers, stay strong

  6. AnimalFriendly

    Magnificent! From one cat lover to another, Amanda. All the best to you and yours.

  7. Tanya Perkins

    Love the pictures! So glad to see you doing well. As I have been following your case closely, reading all the updates on the new trial etc., it is good to see that you are not worrying too much about what is going on in Italy. Enjoy every day, life is such a gift. After reading your book, I am anxious to read something else you have written. You are a gifted writer. What is your next project going to be? I relate some to your story, as I was an exchange student in Europe and now work with a high school exchange program. Anyway, best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jo Justus

    Cool socks. All of mine are white. One less decision I have to make daily, and no problem finding a match 🙂

  9. Rick Stilwell

    I’m so glad to see Amanda doing so well, and most important of all – happy! Cats are awesome and have always been my favorite pet. Mine was probably stolen and I miss her so much. I hope Amanda enjoys her new furry friends’ company as much as I enjoyed having Kitty around.

    I would say “keep doing well in school and keep making new friends.” I’m glad that these things have been becoming easier for her too as time has gone by.

  10. Pitchforks

    Great to see Amanda relaxing and smiling despite her ongoing ordeal. However, the photos that are most telling are the ones where we don’t see her face but just see loosely folded or extended hands, or casually flopped legs and feet – reassuringly natural and unposed. Lovely.
    I’ve written a couple of pieces about her case.
    Matter that Matters Tossed Around by the Conveniently Blind

  11. Julie Jorgensen

    Amanda, it’s great to see you happy and smiling and enjoying life despite your continued trials. Always hang on to these wonderful parts of yourself. You have matured into a wonderful person and those with open hearts can see your innocence and goodness. It’s also good to see you blogging and writing your feelings. I think it’s been a great help to Raffaele to reach out and talk to his supporters and I think it will be good for you to have connections (on your terms) with those who support and care about you. Wish you both the very best. P.S. Your sisters are also amazing, so glad you have such wonderful sisters.

  12. Julie Jorgensen

    Alyssa, your photo’s are fantastic. You really captured Amanda in a way I haven’t seen before. So much more natural and peaceful and homey. You really let her true happiness and character shine through.

  13. kt

    So many people love you ~ great photos, style, content, presence, all around….so happy you are safe in Seattle. It’s a good place to be.

  14. Barb Wild

    Hi Amanda. Your photos are real, sweet, encouraging and honest. I like the clothes you have on, the earings on the board, the simpleness of it. Makes it seem effortless when clearly it hasn’t been. I too read your book and can’t wait til your next book is in print!

  15. Lisa Murakami

    Hi Amanda… I wanted to leave a message on your blog but I don’t see a space to comment. Just wanted to tell you that you’ve been on my heart for years and years; I started following your story long before it really hit the U.S. media and I started your Facebook page. Like you, I studied for in Europe for a year in college (France) and while I don’t want to get into a big discussion about anti-Americanism or sexism, I just wanted to tell you that I *get it.* I’m just a distanced bystander to your story but I just wanted to add to the voices telling you that you’re not alone, and many have followed you and ached with you and your family, and celebrated too. While I’m elated and relieved that your story has a happy ending, I’m still sad over what was stolen from you. I’ll be following your blog to share in your triumphs and strength, and as seen in these pictures, peace and happiness. Take good care.

  16. John Duda

    Hi Amanda!

    I love your pics and your smiling face. I have to say that I am so sorry that all of this absolute madness has happened to you. I would never go back to Italy, either. I know that you’re trying to maintain a positive attitude about all that’s happened but I have such a bitter taste in my mouth right now toward Italy and especially toward the police and media and what savages they were. Barbaric and totally inexcusable.

    You’ll always have my support and the truth will out one of these days and the world will know.

    My best,


  17. Evie

    HI Amanda,
    I have followed your case for the last two years reading four books on it (your book, Rafaellle’s, Candace Dempsey’s book and Nina Burleigh ‘s book). As you can see by now I know as much about the case as you :). Your ordeal has touched my life.
    I want to wish you the best of luck in your new founded “life” and I am looking forward reading your next book.


  18. Daphne

    Amanda, I like these photos because they reflect so much of what you have been saying over the last few months and am so amazed at how parallel my life has been with yours! Alyssa is a great photographer, and you are a wonderful writer. You have really helped me come to grips with a lot of what has been going on in my life since 2007. I wish I had only half the family and friends that you have — for many of us there seems to be no way out, no way to speak or get help.

  19. Gary Drummond

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics. Real photos of you, in your space is a joy to see. I am so happy you made it back home. It took some time, but you prevailed. Don’t let that fire in your soul go out and you will do fine.

    Gary D.

  20. LK

    Hi Amanda,
    Glad to see you’re doing so well. I’ll have gone crazy if I had to go through what you did. Your ability to live a good life now is testament to your strength and character. Thanks to Alyssa for the beautiful pictures!

  21. Adriano

    snuggly cozy new kittens & morning coffee at amanda’s. it is physically impossible for them to be cuter.
    A beautiful portrait, you have captured in the photo the poignant melancholy of a young woman who met a fate which he considers unjust and cruel. It’s the same melancholy who brings with him an incurable disease or the lack of the person to whom he was related. I found the beautiful AQ4A3770.jpg I do not know why, maybe it is that color in a context nearly monochromatic. So you did come out of the Soul.

  22. John in Eugene

    March 14, 2014
    Greetings Amanda,
    It’s good to see you relax and enjoy your cats. I like cats, but can they run across a field, catch a thrown tennis ball and return it to you? Maybe with practice your cats will do it.
    I am mulling over a possible money making idea to bring you less financial pressure. My degree is in Marketing and maybe a good idea will come to me.
    When your enemies throw grapes at you, make wine and sell it. Bad as that is; it is original.

    The just have a way of defeating their enemy. Your enemy seems to be both stupid and vicious.

    Relax, enjoy the cats and stay strong,
    John in Eugene


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