we were at it all day. . .exploring parks, picking the brightest flowers spring has to offer, tasting salted caramel chocolate, sipping warm tea. . .

jessie is such a radiant light, she’s soulful, sweet & full of love. the kind of friend i genuinely prefer to be surrounded by as often as i can.

her passion for music, travel, any form of art for that matter, constantly inspires me.

we wandered around until the sun went down & danced the night away at our favorite bar, with our favorite boys.

all of spring in my hands! found a prime rooftop as the sun went down

as we walked back to my apartment, she sang. i filmed. together we made a couple videos.


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  1. Theresa

    Beautiful photos Alyssa! Thank you for capturing her beauty in the perfect way. You have an amazing gift!


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