we were at it all day. . .exploring parks, picking the brightest flowers spring has to offer, tasting salted caramel chocolate, sipping warm tea. . .

jessie is such a radiant light, she’s soulful, sweet & full of love. the kind of friend i genuinely prefer to be surrounded by as often as i can.

her passion for music, travel, any form of art for that matter, constantly inspires me.

we wandered around until the sun went down & danced the night away at our favorite bar, with our favorite boys.

all of spring in my hands! found a prime rooftop as the sun went down

as we walked back to my apartment, she sang. i filmed. together we made a couple videos.


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  1. Theresa

    Beautiful photos Alyssa! Thank you for capturing her beauty in the perfect way. You have an amazing gift!

    • Bex

      What a beautiful tuirbte to read at the end of a day that had me thinking of the Houghton family even more than usual. I had volunteered to man the Trips for Kids booth at the Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day at the fairgrounds today. As always when I’m in that area, I can’t help but reflect on Dave, DeDe, Luke and Ryan and that tragic evening. At the event, I noticed Aqua Safaris had a booth there, with a sweet tuirbte posted to the table. I stopped by and was coaxed into breathing through the scuba apparatus, which was a pretty big deal for me! See, for some reason I become extremely anxious when breathing through a snorkel and that’s breathing real air not from a tank! As I started to inch away from the booth protesting, I recalled talking to Dave about my fear, and in that moment I decided to do it for Dave I was pretty proud of myself breathing through my fear today, and I have Dave to thank for that! After the event, we stopped by the crash site on our way home. There is one bloom toward the top of the magnolia tree. Several small planes took off, and my son and I hugged each other, remembering an amazing family, heartbroken for all who knew and loved them. Traffic was slow on Highway 1 north right around 41st street; I kept my eye on the dive flag and wondered aloud if maybe the family was encouraging me to conquer my fear, and take some dive lessons! Smiling now you know, I think I just might do that Linda, John, everyone still following this blog, please know you continue to be in my prayers and my heart. Peace, love and comfort to you all.


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