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i’m loving the NZ action.

i’ve been featured in New Zealand’s Blacklisted Magazine Spring 2014.


our international artist featured in this issue is alyssa wilcox. her unique eye for detail & colour leads us into her world as she opens up about dreams for the future & inspiration in her city, seattle.

words: naomi johnston

when i visited seattle for my brief but life changing mid year trip, alyssa wilcox was one of the people that made my stay in seattle unforgettably inviting. upon returning home, i decided our spring issue would not be complete without a peek into alyssa’s world.

words: naomi johnston

tell us a bit about yourself: where you were born, a peek into your childhood, and where you come from.

my name is alyssa wilcox, I’m 24 and i live in seattle, washington, USA.

i lived my entire childhood in maple valley, just outside of seattle. my parents had me young in their early twenties. both my parents have always been passionate & driven with their work with their own business respectively. my mom maintains her book keeping service & my dad specializes in auto fabrication. together they taught me to get stuff done & don’t half ass it. my dad always loved to reference this quote by thomas edison, “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” boy is it true.

what started you off on the journey of photography?

i became fascinated with photography while in college, not because i was taking photography courses, but because i developed a clear understanding of the direction i wanted to take with my life. school bored me, but it was the “right” thing to do. i got my degree, but found myself uninterested & daydreaming each day away. coincidently by experimenting with my camera, it created a path that not only allowed me to meet new people, but create friendships. i’m very passionate about building relationships. i knew i wanted to surround myself with those full of love, passion & creativity. i learned to take pride in what i do. be the best i can be. together it makes it easier to create some really good images.

what genre of photography would you say you are?

wedding & lifestyle. i capture the small details. keep it candid. real. raw. it’s a lifestyle for me. shooting portraits is always on my mind. as i evolve with my brand, i learn what works for me & what doesn’t. hence not every couple & i are the right fit. naturally i’m fortunate enough to attract couples that are just as passionate as i am to create magic together.

why did you pick wedding & lifestyle?

it keeps me in the moment, always changing…always growing. i can be in charge. call the shots. go with my gut.

what is the best thing about your job?

putting myself out there, taking risks, staying creative, making mistakes, meeting new people, creating long-term relationships. so much goodness!

what would be your dream event or situation to photograph?

ah man. realistically what i envision for a shoot/wedding is always changing in my head. If were talking about the impossible, my dream wedding to photograph would take me back to the 1950’s where grace kelly & monaco’s prince rainier III got married. that woman is an elegant goddess & to photograph her in that timeless, simple, but delicately detailed gown would be a dream.

how does your city – seattle – influence your work?

i’m a pretty observant gal. i’m always making mental notes, saving them in the back of mind to use for a future shoot. seattle has a lot of versatility to offer when it comes to the couples/models & the locations. i love a good landscape, but it isn’t complete without a model to shoot in front of it.

talk us through a typical day in your life.

on days i’m not out shooting, i’ll spend my workdays in a coffee shop editing, planning shoots, scouting, replying to inquiries, etc. usually i’ll wind my evening down sharing dinner with a close friend or my man. it’s important to find a balance between work & personal life. i think it’s key to value a relationship with yourself & spend time alone.

what inspires you?

risk. starting something that i have no idea how i’m going to finish. i think if i get too comfortable then i’m not living up to my full potential. I’m constantly inspired by those who chase after their dreams & kill it. those people who don’t take no for an answer. it’s super empowering to watch others succeed at doing what they love.

who are some people whose work you find amazing?

i don’t necessarily have a list of names, but there are a handful of people that i admire who demonstrate amazing characteristics throughout their work & daily lives in order to be successful. they are observant, passionate, daydreamers, seek out new experiences, ask questions, always produce, and view life as an opportunity for self-expression.


copies are sold here. thank you, naomi!

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