i’ve been waiting for this day for a long LONG time. because we share such a journey together.

we met in school.

i was meant to be their photographer. that was a given before they were even engaged.

looking back at every detail. everything has been so thought out, yet the simplicity really makes it.

it’s like walking into an anthropologie store & wanting to cry because every little thing down to the teaspoons are so adorable. that’s this day.

i would shoot this a million times over again if i could.


if you press play below & listen as you scroll, your experience will be SO MUCH BETTER.

all lace everythaaang.
i can’t forget a BIG-GIANT thank you to my girl, meghan. as always. if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have a million more beautiful detail shots to sort through. 😉

now off to cali i go!

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  1. Sylvia ( mommy)

    The best pictures ever in all thank you for making this a special day for our baby her husband and our family. Loves and aloha’s mommy Chang.


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