alex & brooke’s wedding day.

full of words from the couple themselves.

not to mention, dreamy glisteny caitlyn jenner dresses all over the place.


“we met in high school. i knew of alex all through high school, but we didn’t become good friends until senior year when we had some classes together. i remember sitting next to him in the senior government class. we sat back to back, and he was constantly trying to get my attention. we created a solid friendship that year, and i found myself confiding in him a lot as our friendship grew. end of freshman year in college, we fell in love and started dating. from that point, i couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else. i knew he was my guy!”
“we were close friends first, and then fell in love second. this foundation of friendship that we have has given us a lot of depth to our relationship. we can be romantic with each other, but also confide in each other like best friends do. our friendship has also given us a lot of trust, respect and goofiness within our relationship.”
“i can’t recall a specific event that occurred where all of a sudden a light bulb popped in my head, but i always knew it would be brooke, because i could never picture my life without her. anytime we had a disagreement or a small fight, instead of thinking to myself, “is this going to work out?” i would think, “what can i do to make things right?” this happened very early on in our relationship. brooke and i had been best friends before we started dating, and i already knew so much about brooke and how special of a person she is. if you don’t know brooke, she is the most compassionate, empathetic and caring person you will ever meet. to top it off she is incredibly gorgeous. i would have been a fool to let her get away.”
“brooke is always able to provide comfort and kindness to me during my bad days. she never ceases to care for me, even when i am in a bad mood. words are another way we show love. brooke always tells me how lucky she is to have me, although I feel like the lucky one. this comment from her always makes me feel super happy and loved. she always confides in me and tells me about her day, everyday. sometimes she will think she is boring me, but it makes me feel good knowing that she likes telling me about everything going on in her life and asking my opinion on different situations she runs into on a daily basis. confiding in each other is a love language we share.”
“caring for someone else unconditionally. not only wanting to do whatever you can to better your partner, but also wanting to better yourself for that other person. being able to share inside jokes and act goofy with one another is when i feel love. whenever brooke and i start cracking jokes and re-enacting lines from our favorite movies, it never fails to brighten my mood.”

“knowing that person has your back no matter what, with zero judgments. i know that we will be there for each other through good and bad times. we will both have bad days, but we will still support and love each other. it’s a feeling of being able to be your true self and knowing your relationship with that person is concrete and totally unconditional. it’s feeling a very intense bond with that person. the bond is hard for me to describe sometimes. he knows what i am feeling before i even say anything. he can give me a look, and i know exactly what he is thinking too. alex and i yawn at the same time a lot. i have been told that’s a sign of a strong bond, ha-ha!”
“serving and doing things to help out every day is one of the best ways we show love to each other. alex makes my coffee for me every morning before work. that might seem like such a small thing, but it makes me smile inside every time. i feel so loved when he does those small things for me because it shows he is thinking of me. i’m someone who says “i love you” a lot. saying those words to each other every day is important to me. i know alex knows i love him, but i want him to hear it from me every day. i don’t feel that phrase can ever be overused.”
“when something new comes my way, is when I feel it hard to control my world. i remember graduating college, and feeling scared to death! i’m not someone who likes a lot of change. i’m someone who loves feeling grounded, and loves familiarity. alex has been constant in my life for a long time, and he always makes me feel more in control of my surroundings. i tell him he is my “home” often”
“i can’t narrow it down to one event, but I can say over the past 6 years, we have been through many life events together. we’ve learned how great life is if you can work together as a team, and help each other out. sometimes life throws things at you that are out of your control, lean on each other during those times.”




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  1. Dani

    AMAZING work as always 🙂

    Thanks so much for being a part of this special day, you are wonderful.


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