london //

jet lagged, dehydrated & eager we hit the streets pumped. all it took was one train from the airport and we were thrown into the middle of it all. the first stop of many to come, london. thankfully sara & nick being the lovely souls that they are graciously invited us to crash at their flat for a few days. we had hardly any clue what to expect. no expectations is always the way to go. all we knew was we had a place to stay and a flight to catch a few days later. details beyond this were completely & beautifully up in the air.

belfast //

next stop was a 5 am flight to belfast. each trip was admirable in it’s own way. it’s hard to say if anything during the entire 3 weeks was our “favorite” but having paula & chris welcome us into their home for nearly a week truly was something else. paula drove us to the most mythical castles & cliffs i could only dream of in my head. not only is she a photographer as well, but the coolest part is our styles are in sync. billy jokes that she’s the irish version of me. i not only feel that this chunk of our adventure was meant to because paula & i had made contact through instagram last minute, working out effortlessly, but mainly for the fact that her & her husband will forever be our in our lives. we can only hope they will visit us in seattle soon so we can return the favor.

dublin //

dublin was one of our shorter trips because we took a bus from belfast to get there only two days before our flight to brussels. a short & sweet visit in between travels.

while attending a dinner party a few weeks before we left the states, i conversed with a gal who mentioned she had lovely friends living in dublin. the next day we were all in a FB message introducing ourselves.

first morning in dublin, we met those wonderful people sitting in traffic & hopped in their car ready for anything. all squished & meeting for the first time, only to be dropped off where they found us at the end of the night. that’s the beauty of traveling. the special people we met were so generous to take on the task of showing off their stunning cities without knowing us one bit. i’m so thankful for that.

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