brussels //

this was a short trip, but we managed to go to the same cafe every morning & our lovely friend mardi showed us around this trinket land they call flea markets.

listen to this:

bern, switzerland //

our own cozy nook. on a farm. the sweetest airbnb, which once was a chicken coop/pig-pen.

it was our last full day in switzerland. it rained sideways as we hustled up to the top of a steep cliff to check out the view of bern. drenched to the bone, we expressed how lovely the moment was. unexpectedly before we made our way back to a cafe to warm up, something unreal happened. an ENGAGEMENT RANG is now on my finger.

while soaking this in & walking back through town, we stumbled across a bar crammed with kitty figurines. inside we watched the elderly bartender play musical chairs by siping wine with each one of the regulars. after our train ride back to our spot, white flurries filled the air & billy’s wish for snow came true!

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