this trip. a chance to take a break from work, see the world & enjoy time with my man.

we chose our destinations for a reason. the culture, the food, architecture, nature, & most importantly the incredible people to experience it with.

with each country we quickly found our groove. from discovering our favorite cafes, delicious bakeries, or the most serene spots to sit & people watch.

for once in my life i felt like i could truly live in the moment. it’s so satisfying and makes me even more proud to live on the earth.

i’ll forever hold on to these luscious memories.

the last stop. paris.

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  1. Yanique

    There is so much depth and richness in your photos! Thank you for all the lovely images – of capturing my very camera shy son and I. Our time together with you was so pleasant and inspiring. I’m excited to see you back in Paris soon : ) mmuuaaahh.


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