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“the first thing i noticed were her eyes & the way she walked. right off the bat it was pretty clear that she was confident with who she was. i knew very early on that these were the eyes i wanted to look at for the rest of my life.” “the first time we hung out there was something just easy about his personality. i was instantly comfortable & did not feel intimidated whatsoever. his drive/passion in what he does & his willingness to help with literally anything are probably my top two things i admire about him the most. he will always drop anything to help me or anyone even if it means picking up my dropped keys when i have groceries in my hands. he’ll never unlock the car door until he’s by it so he can open it for me. it’s pretty great.”

“back in high school mark & i met up a handful of times to sing together. mark & my brother were childhood friends & he always was telling him to sing with me. we finally spent some time together outside of singing & quickly got to know each other. it was very obvious right away what this was gonna be. we continued to fall in love while hiking. that always seemed to be our “go to” for dates!”

“there are always changes going throughout life. luckily we have each other through every bad day and always realize that a bad day or a bad week doesn’t make a bad life. individually we’ve experienced big changes in our lives but i think we are both good at looking at the bigger picture at the end of the day.”
“the most wonderful part about our love is that it’s not something we necessarily need to explain. love is an abstract piece of art. every relationship has a different pallet of colors. every love is different & it’s perfect the way it is when it happens naturally. each & every person who gets to experience the joy of loving another human has a very unique relationship with love itself.”

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  1. Kathrina Addison

    You have got to be kidding me! These are incredibly amazing! This couple oozes cool — I want to be their friends, ha! One of my favorite shoots of yours to date!

  2. Jan...Aleigh's mom

    You have captured their forever. The most stunning photos I could have ever imagined. Thank you.


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