this day was such a sweet treat.

shout out to my lady, kathrina. not only does she have fantastic styling skills, but this is her home. yes, it’s true. she’s such a delightful hostess. this place is the most inviting airy white space & incorporates a splash of rosé. kath wants to surround herself with beautiful things & i admire that. from colorful rugs, to unique drinking cups, to flowy dresses in her wardrobe. let’s just say this girl can’t deny fresh flowers to display on her coffee table…but don’t we all enjoy that?

you can check out more of her work here.

now…let me introduce you to this fox lady, maddie.

she’s a gal who can vibe with whatever you want to talk about. totally lives in the moment, like we all aspire to do.

this shoot shows off how important it is to fall in love with yourself. anyone deserves to be thrilled with the body they’re are spending their entire life with.

the way i look at it, is you gotta show yourself love cause honestly who else gon do it?

what better way than to capture maddie in her skivvies for noone but herrself. let it feel good.

P R E S S – P L A Y

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  1. Maddie Bui

    Yes Queen! These photos are absolutely breathtaking Alyssa! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this with you, you’re so incredibly talented 🙂 Thanks again!


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