refusing to give up on their journey together

writing by chesley westerlund and richard thompson



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“we all have different needs in a relationship, ones that we need to receive and those that we are able to give. rich has a way of not only meeting my needs, but exceeding all expectations. he provides such a supportive and loving foundation for us to grow together. we’re not perfect, no one is – but we have the freedom and understanding that we don’t have to have it all together right in this moment. we’re on a journey together. no relationship is perfect, we just refuse to give up.”

“richard. this man, i gush simple saying his name. i feel so cherished by him. he brings out the best in me each and everyday. he makes it a point to fully understand who i am and where i want to be in life. he lifts me up and encourages me so i can thrive in this world. he highlights my strengths and makes me feel like a warrior. richard empowers me and inspires me to love more deeply, see the world differently and live life to my full potential. he makes me feel beautiful, and worthy of true love. i can’t imagine life without him. he’s my best friend.”

“the moment this man walked into the room, i could feel his presence. it was overwhelming – in all the right ways. there was just something about him. my heart raced and i felt more alive simply talking to him. perhaps it wasn’t love at first sight, but i knew in that moment, there was something truly special about that man.” “i totally believe in love at first sight! the first time i met chels felt like fire in my chest….so much so that i came back to see her again the next day…it only took 5 more months for that feeling to become, “us!”

 “he lifts me up and encourages me so i can thrive in this world.”

“every couple has a different way of doing life together. there is no wrong or right way of living if it works for you.  rich has brought me closer to god than i’ve ever been. he’s made me see that love requires commitment and commitment requires abandoning our exit strategies. if we fully commit ourselves to believing in gods perfect plan for us. nothing can stop us or bring us down. we’re trusting in god. we won’t give up on each other should things get rocky. these are the moments where we learn about ourselves, and look to god to strengthen and guide us through.”

“true love is acceptance and understanding. a rare connection. allowing complete submission of your ego. putting yourself aside and feeling deeply for one another. to be unapologetically yourself and know you’re home in your lovers heart. we’re so lucky to be able to love. “if love were just an emotion, then god couldn’t command it. but love is something you do. it can produce emotion, but love is an action.” – rick warren”

“i feel like a healthy relationship needs to give back more to each person than than they feel they could possible put in…i guess, for us, I want that to mean that chels and i both feel like we’re the big winner in this.”
“if i had to choose to loose all of our old memories or never be able to makes new ones? that’s tough. i love our journey so far together. all of our firsts have been magical moments. but what our future together holds is so bright. a wedding, building a home together, children, growing old together.. i am so grateful for our memories. but together, rich and i make the most beautiful moments together. i can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

“when we are 90, i feel like what will matter most to us is that we feel love all around us. that we’ve never stopped living life as an adventure. that we’ve impacted lives around us for the better. we are simple. we have fun, we laugh and we love. with god as our center, we love deeply.”

​”i’m living in the fairytale i never knew i deserved. our relationship was an instant knowing that we were meant for each other. sitting across from each other on our first date, simply nodding and smiling. blown away in that moment, that we simply knew life was forever changed. that we’ve both found the one our hearts desired.”

“if we received enough money to never work again, i feel as though we would spend our time bettering others lives. to give is to love. to change others lives as a couple is a beautiful thing. we strive yo be an example to our children and other couples.”

“chelsey brings out so many good things in me, things i didn’t even know i had access to within myself…see, she has a habit of doing this to people who are lucky enough to do life with her. i’m just grateful to be doing life with her by my side.”

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