The Details That Keep It Personal

Writing by Cory and Ellen Mattheis


“For Cory and I, it seems easy to balance the give and the take in our relationship. We equalize each other in specific situations when it’s needed, and we’ve done this for as long as I can remember. He’s amazing when it comes to picking me up when my confidence is low. He can read me like a book when it comes to that! He somehow has the mastery to take something that makes no sense to me, and turn it into something that is so obvious I don’t know how I could have missed it. He’s a great teacher, both in an academic and a supportive sense, and I greatly admire that. I am big into support and respect. I know I need it, so I try to remember to be as supportive as he is with me, and to respect the things that are important to him, keeping a balance to the relationship.”

“Another thing that I think is important in a healthy relationship is having a similar sense of humor. I can’t tell you how many difficult situations we’ve gotten out of by making each other laugh, and how often we act like complete goofballs. I sometimes can’t believe I found someone who is as weird and goofy as I am. I can’t imagine our relationship without it!”

“Our home reflects who we are. We keep it tidy, and try to keep a minimally inspired look so it doesn’t feel too cluttered or unorganized. I love the spaces that we’ve created together over the years. Sometimes there’s compromise on a piece of art, or a location of furniture etc. but we always balance each other. I keep him from straying too minimal/sterile, and he keeps me from cluttering the space. :)”

“I’d also say that our space informs us… meaning that our choice to live in a compact and efficient space somehow dictates and directs the things we own. We’d prefer to curate the objects around us to the items that give us joy and have some relevance to our lives at this time. Our taste reflects our influences at the moment- significant time spent in Scandinavia and Latin America is leaving it’s traces all over our home. I’m sure these things will continue to change as our relationship evolves- it’s sort of a live record of this moment in our lives. We’re very interested in documenting these moments and being able to reflect on our evolution over time.”

“I see how successful and confident Cory is in his career and academics, and I admire him for that. I am his biggest fan. He inspires me to get excited about design, whether it’s a work project that I need a boost with, or a home project that we immerse ourselves in, he’s above and beyond passionate about any scale of a project that comes his way, which in turn makes me excited.”

“Ellen’s energy and positivity is always something I’ve looked up to. She’s able to see the best in every situation and nearly everybody- my outlook often changes just from being around her. I can tend to get wrapped up in the details and Ellen always provides much needed perspective at the perfect time. Her eyes are also nice :)”

“It started in sophomore year at Washington State University when we were in architecture school. I was immediately attracted to him. He was different than most guys I’d seen around, particularly we seemed to have the same taste in music which was big for me back then, and that’s still a huge theme in our relationship, to this day. From here, I would say a minor obsession began. I was super shy when it came to any guy that I liked. I come off super outgoing and confident, but the second I have feelings for someone, I am a bumbling mess. It wasn’t until later that I started to feel more confident in interactions with him. I always thought Cory would never have looked at me beyond the “friend zone”. Little did I know, he had a burgeoning crush as well. Eventually, everything aligned and we ended up together in our senior year.”

“Yes, it was all about the music. No- not really, but it really helps when you connect on many levels. For us, it’s always been a deep connection on the things that are important in our lives. This began with things like music and architecture, but I think we’ve continued to evolve and now the things that draw us together are more personal.”

“We are both passionate about design- obviously, and travel. We have traveled together a lot since we first started dating- sometimes for a short trip and sometimes for extended stays. We just bought a house a little over a year ago, so we’re really into working on the house thinking of future projects, tinkering in the yard/garage, etc. Exploring our neighborhood, walking our new pup all over! Speaking of passionate, we are super in love with our new dog, she brings a whole new element to our relationship. It’s practice for the future! ;-)”

“We’re incredibly passionate and invested in our family and friendships. We love our companions in life and the support that comes from them. We love any excuse to get together and entertain friends and family and appreciate a really good party. When we host we like to focus on the details that make it personal- music that fits the moment perfectly, food and drink that might be inspired from our latest travels and the right mix of new and old friends. The mix of friends is actually really important- in the end the people make the party.”




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