Springtime Backyard Celebrations

Writing by Alyssa Wilcox


If I were a bridal shower what would I look like? With anything wedding related it’s important for it to reflect the person it’s honoring. I’m thankful to have friends that encouraged that to ring true. I wanted an environment that was elegant to help influence a relaxing experience. Nothing more than a dreamy sun filled backyard, neutral colors, the right tunes, scattered with the ladies close to me. In the best way I was surrounded by loving women who carry so many different qualities I admire. With a straight forward vision, on a Sunday afternoon, I was presented with such a classy bridal shower, I couldn’t imagine anything else more spot on to represent me as a bride. Between the generosity of the location, organizational skills, decor on point, baked goods, food prep, and every detail photographed to look back on, I felt so special to be thrown such a beautiful celebration. 



3 Responses to Bridal Shower

  1. Ronda Ghosn

    Congrats Allysa. I’ve been following your photography success thru the years. You took Tyler and Brock’s pictures at the beginning of your career and they are my favorites to this day!!!

  2. Michelle


    Britt from Cosinger has recommended you to me as we’re looking for someone to redo our shots for our products from the website. If you’re interested could you give an idea of how much you might charge for these?
    Many thanks


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