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my name is alyssa wilcox. i’m 26 years old. i was born & raised in the pacific northwest. with an eye for telling stories behind authentic moments, i found my passion for photography during my early years of childhood. i’m the gal who’s all about good music to set the mood, a warm bowl of curry & my personal baker AKA my man.


having made it to this paragraph, i like you already because it means you’re willing to dig deeper when searching for the perfect photographer to fit your needs. unlike the standard inquiry of “hey, what’s your pricing?”, you’re fun, playful, & eager to tell me all about your journey together. whether it be vendors, family, or friends guiding you through this adventure, you can’t lose sight of yourselves, which is the reason behind the wedding in the first place. sure, this might be your first rodeo & it’s important to be educated, but attending a wedding expo/convention with every type of vendor shoving their business cards & discounts down your throats, paired with the theory that they can give you the happy ending you’ve always dreamed about isn’t a honest way to pick the people who will piece together the day. i want you to genuinely tell me about the experience you know you’re going to share together. aside from taking photos, i build relationships with my clients. that translates into pictures. we all know photoshoots can be awkward & i have the ability to make you feel comfortable. my priority is to paint a picture of your love. in order to have a glorious outcome, be prepared for the process & the two way street that comes with creating bomb photos. i’m inspired by couples who keep their wedding personal even if that doesn’t mean traditional. let it represent you both & allow you to feel like yourselves. that’s the only way to photograph real people who are truly in love. when a couple is in their element, those organic moments shine through. i sure as hell don’t take the responsibility of documenting them lightly. i’m able to share myself with you & in return i’ll get to understand you intimately through my lens.


my goal is to make things easier throughout the entire process. having attended countless weddings, i’m always making note of the things that make your day easier, or harder. i’m more than happy to put it all on the table, if it can better inform you in any way. i embrace everything in order to capture the essence of your relationship.

the greatest part about being a photographer is knowing that i can use my eye to help others shape their vision, but what draws me in the most is that there is always something new to learn, something to get better at. i love the challenge that each couple presents to me.

is this music to your ears? email me. we’ll grab a drink & the rest will be history.



i offer a variety of packages to fit all needs.


all day wedding coverage

intimate wedding coverage (50 people or less present)

elopement coverage (just the couple, officiant & witnesses)

engagement / boudoir / maternity /newborn/ portrait sessions

fashion / lifestyle (recurring sessions)


please email me for pricing.

include your date, location, details you have planned so far, and why we’d be a good fit.

with no one size fits all, pricing may vary for each client.


washington weddings:

.54 cents for every mile driven outside the radius of seattle wa.


all i ask is a plane ticket, a ride to & from the airport. i’d prefer to keep things simple by crashing with your family & friends if you’ve got an extra room. otherwise a hotel for the night before & after the wedding will do. it’s always at least a 3 day thing if this kind of travel is involved. i’d never risk showing up to the venue day of. life happens, flights get delayed…let’s not turn it into something we have to worry about. i have couples in many different states & we communicate by facetime outside of email.



if there is one thing you should plan your day around, it’s lighting. if your location has poor light, no quality of camera gear can save you. while i shoot, i find the best angles for lighting with any situation. i’ll always request time with the couple at sunset for that buttery ambient light, but why not have the entire day take place in prime light if we can help it? the holy grail type of weather is overcast. if we’ve been blessed with direct sunlight we’ll be having fun playing with shadows, but will be in search for shade. while getting ready, consider a room full of windows to show off you & your girls as you pop bottles, apply the makeup or (we all know the guys are watching football until they get dressed) in the best natural light. if your wedding falls on one of the hotter months of the year, plan your ceremony toward the evening as things cool down so everyone isn’t sweating to death. if that’s not possible, coordinate your ceremony location in a fully shaded area. after all, shade is the next best thing to overcast. you’ll be surprised how location, timing & lighting can play such a role on the comfort of your day.

first look

it’s a very special moment when a bride & groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. due to the private setting, the reactions can be more emotional. i strongly encourage it. the best time to photograph your portraits are during the “first look”. portraits of the bride & groom can take place anytime of the day, but why spend so many hours avoiding each other before the ceremony? get the party started right away. after all, the day is about you two. we’ll coordinate portraits into your timeline together, especially when i steal you away for a few minutes at sunset.

by doing a first look, you not only get to see each other privately, take a breather, & let your guard down, but after we finish that up, we can capture all of the bridal party & family portraits before the ceremony as well. your day will be more relaxed because we’ll get to start earlier with however much time is needed. nobody wants to miss out on the cocktail hour you paid for by coordinating the line up for a posed photo. sometimes impatient family members are like herding sheep because everyone is so eager to mingle & get their hands on a drink. the other kicker is, when it’s time for the ceremony there will be less anticipation built up because you’ve already seen each other & your nerves are calmed. yet, i’ve heard you’ll experience a whole new feeling when your eyes meet again down the isle. no matter what route you choose, it’s about what’s right for you & we can make it work together.

wedding day family portraits

keep the family portrait list straightforward & simple. if you need some examples, i’m happy to send them to you. fill in the blanks. i encourage my couples to talk to their families beforehand. if you give them a copy of the shot list so we are all on the same page, this will help with communication day of & they will have a set time to show up. the list should typically start off larger & scale down to aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings, until we end up with parents. this allows people to carry on if they are no longer needed. i will shoot anything your heart desires, but really think about what family shots are necessary to photograph.

shot list

no need to send me a shot list. all i request is a family portrait list. otherwise i prefer to shoot the day as it happens. however, if there is a specific shot that you don’t think i would be able to photograph without you letting me know, don’t hesitate to give me a heads up!

all day coverage

for photography, i don’t believe in the stress factor of trying to fit everything that goes down on your wedding day into one timeframe. i mean, there’s clearly 0% chance of me shooting 2 weddings in one day, nor would i ever even attempt that, so why not be prepared to spend how ever long i need to in order to document the memories of your wedding day. i always go into it with the mindset that i will be shooting all day. we will discuss when i need to arrive closer to the date, but it all falls in your hands. again, when things happen organically & aren’t rushed, it’s going to result in naturally beautiful photos. while the candid, emotional qualities of my images speak for themselves, they are only part of what makes my brand. the stories & decisions behind each play an equal role.

engagement session

engagement photos aren’t for everybody. if you’ve got enough selfies or shrines of you all over your house, then don’t feel pressured to get them done. as important as it is to establish a relationship with your photographer before the wedding, an engagement session allows us to spend more time together so you can get a vibe for what it’s like to be photographed when the big day rolls around. if you’re not into it, we can grab drinks a few more times instead. if you’re 100% on board with engagement photos, we will brainstorm what describes you & how we can incorporate that into the shoot. let’s say you’re all about riding your bikes on the weekends, rent some & we’ll cruise on over to where you had your first date. if you love drinking wine, maybe we should go taste some at sunset? one of you has got to have a favorite vineyard up your sleeve. how about a lovers walk on the beach? even if what you spend your free time doing is as intimate as reading books, let’s cozy up with an in home engagement session. there’s really no excuse as to why we can’t base the day around your hobbies that reflect you. these are just a few ideas. aside from what adventures we get ourselves into, the trick isn’t just about having the right photographer or the best lighting – most of it has to do with you wear. i will gladly send you some tips on my go to’s for flattering & comfortable attire.


when it comes to beautifying yourself on your wedding day or for your engagement session, book someone that you enjoy being around. feel comfortable enough to express what you do or don’t like about the way they styled your hair or blended in that eye shadow. don’t you dare ever skimp out on a trial run. obviously you’re going to want to feel confident about your appearance & walking down the isle not looking like yourself would be unfortunate. how you get ready sets the mood for the day. de-clutter, create space, & let the natural light pour into your room. you’ll be able to ease into your morning relaxed because you chose a vendor who will be on time & glam you up properly. don’t forget how important scheduling & timing is. it can be hard to make up for the time lost when vendors are late.


it’s important to realize how weddings are broadcasted on the internet, specifically pinterest & bridal blogs have saturated the wedding world with images of other people’s weddings, mainly consisting of “inspirational” shoots, which are staged. they’re not always realistic. take the time to understand that getting married is an opportunity to express your own, unique personality in front of your friends & family. by choosing materials that truly speak to you, it will help cut through all the noise & obligation of traditional baggage that comes with the term “wedding”. remind yourself, less is more. let the venue speak for itself. after all, it’s the blank canvas that ties everything together. no matter how simple or extravagant the event, it’s essential to create an energy that serves as a reminder to be present, allowing you to not feel distracted, but able to soak up every moment of the day. find a florist who is skilled & capable. approach your flowers with a look that is timeless & cohesive. it doesn’t have to be all about the centerpieces, just greenery can do the trick! sticking to a neutral color scheme keeps it classy. there’s no sense in having nightmares over what shade the table linens should be. no matter the route you take, use your creativity to create something else other than a dream wedding, but what screams you as a couple. all you really want to be left with is the memory of looking into each other’s eyes, so full of love, knowing you’re making the right decision in marrying each other.


lay out the ground rules & don’t be afraid to be upfront about what you do & don’t want played at your wedding. solely relying on your DJ to choose the music without expressing your taste beforehand is risky. you’ve got to put thought into it & give him/her ideas or a strict list to go off of as early as possible. nothing is a bigger buzzkill than an empty dance floor. decide whether or not you’re going to let the DJ take requests from guests. every reception ends up flowing differently, so you want someone that can get a good read from the crowd & keep people feeling the groove. i’ve witnessed way too many floor layouts where the DJ isn’t placed properly. position your DJ near the dance floor. otherwise, the sound is too loud on one side & the other end of the room can’t hear. if older guests are assigned tables by the speakers, they will continuously complain about the music being too loud. instead, surround your DJ near with your party people. as the late night approaches don’t schedule things into the timeline to interrupt the energy! it’s time to get down.


from a photographer’s perspective, toasts can be the most heartfelt moments during wedding coverage. i find that for catering, one thing that can be difficult is when speeches are too spread out or occurring during the meal. that chunk of time goes much more smoothly when dinner can be served & then toasts begin, instead of salads, a speech, dinner, some more speeches & so on. when no attention is directed toward whoever is speaking there are less photos to capture of emotion, reaction, etc. toasts are so valuable, they should be presented at a time when all guests can devote their attention to them. not while they are eating. this helps me out as well because i take the time to eat while the couple is doing the same. this syncs well because no one wants to be photographed while they are chowing down anyway. with a timeline like this i can easily jump back in for toasts after everyone is finished up, attentive & ready to cheers with their bubbly glass of champagne.