my name is alyssa wilcox. i’m 27 years old. i was born & raised in the pacific northwest. with an eye for telling stories behind authentic moments, i found my passion for photography during my early years of childhood. i’m the gal who’s all about good music to set the mood, a warm bowl of curry and my personal baker AKA my husband.


having made it to this paragraph, i like you already because it means you’re willing to dig deeper when searching for the perfect photographer to fit your needs. unlike the standard inquiry of “hey, what’s your pricing?”, you’re fun, playful, & eager to tell me all about your journey together. whether it be vendors, family, or friends guiding you through this adventure, you can’t lose sight of yourselves, which is the reason behind the wedding in the first place. sure, this might be your first rodeo & it’s important to be educated, but attending a wedding expo/convention with every type of vendor shoving their business cards & discounts down your throats, paired with the theory that they can give you the happy ending you’ve always dreamed about isn’t a honest way to pick the people who will piece together the day. i want you to genuinely tell me about the experience you know you’re going to share together. aside from taking photos, i build relationships with my clients. that translates into pictures. we all know photoshoots can be awkward & i have the ability to make you feel comfortable. my priority is to paint a picture of your love. in order to have a glorious outcome, be prepared for the process & the two way street that comes with creating bomb photos. i’m inspired by couples who keep their wedding personal even if that doesn’t mean traditional. let it represent you both & allow you to feel like yourselves. that’s the only way to photograph real people who are truly in love. when a couple is in their element, those organic moments shine through. i sure as hell don’t take the responsibility of documenting them lightly. i’m able to share myself with you & in return i’ll get to understand you intimately through my lens.


my goal is to make things easier throughout the entire process. having attended countless weddings, i’m always making note of the things that make your day easier, or harder. i’m more than happy to put it all on the table, if it can better inform you in any way. i embrace everything in order to capture the essence of your relationship.

the greatest part about being a photographer is knowing that i can use my eye to help others shape their vision, but what draws me in the most is that there is always something new to learn, something to get better at. i love the challenge that each couple presents to me.

is this music to your ears? email me. we’ll grab a drink & the rest will be history.