this day was classically beautiful.

it’s those moments i live for. behind closed doors that not everyone gets to see. as leigh faught to hold back the tears with every stroke of mascara.

i want to tell their story through an image in the best way possible.

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several years ago, over the summer i went swimming & the chlorine turned my hair bright green. not cool.

that’s where megan came into my life. her magic hands cleared up the problem.

over time & after many visits to the hair salon, i got the news that she would be packing up & moving to hawaii.

we kept in touch through FB.

more news came that a fine young man swept her off her feet. a visitor filming on the set of pirates of the caribbean.

i didn’t think much of it until i actually saw him in the film. blew my mind.

i wasn’t able to make it to their wedding. though i wish i had.

SO now, they live happily ever after in london.

they came back to seattle for a visit & i captured their love.


  1. Meg

    Thank you SOOO much for these Alyssa!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lunch with a friend turned into a mini shoot.

we were certainly all over the place. just how i like it.

can only imagine what was said.

back home to her adorably chubby cat. oh man. what a crack up.

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it’s a glorious thing. to see this girl do what she does best. let out that voice for the world to hear.

we both found our passion in life. we can relate.

the sweet smell of the rain. feet soaking wet. frizzy hair. together we made magic.

so as i blog, with my headphones on…i listen to jessie sing.

you know you want to hear that lovely voice of hers as well. you can do that, here.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002IMG_0003IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0005IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0011IMG_0012IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0018IMG_0019IMG_0017 IMG_0022IMG_0021IMG_0020 IMG_0024IMG_0026IMG_0025 IMG_0027IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0036IMG_0032IMG_0030IMG_0033IMG_0031IMG_0035IMG_0034IMG_0040IMG_0037IMG_0041IMG_0038IMG_0042IMG_0039IMG_0043 IMG_0045IMG_0046IMG_0044 IMG_0048IMG_0050IMG_0047 IMG_0051IMG_0049IMG_0054IMG_0052 IMG_0056 IMG_0053 IMG_0055IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0004IMG_0003 IMG_0006 IMG_0005IMG_0009IMG_0007 IMG_0012IMG_0008IMG_0011IMG_0010IMG_0013rain dance!IMG_0014 IMG_0016IMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0018IMG_0022IMG_0021IMG_0019IMG_0020 IMG_0023 IMG_0025IMG_0024have a fascination with graveyards. found one.IMG_0026 IMG_0027IMG_0030IMG_0029 IMG_0031IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034

it’s just as important for me to build a friendship as it is to be your photographer.

not only did we spend hours shooting, we ended up grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying a night on the town. i love when that happens.

i went home feeling like i made a friend. with a big ol’ grin on my face.

  1. Megan Kumakura

    Oh girls…these are beautiful…so beautiful. I want to play!!

  2. amy grace

    oh my…this is an incredibly lovely session. amazing. you can definitely feel the connection, and the result is just magic. i am a brand new, very big fan. awesome.

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what a day this was.

but most importantly, i have to show off how insane leigh’s eyes are.

oooh la la.

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