if we both feel a connection from the start. naturally it’s a win-win.

my couples do things differently. focus on the story of their day. the goal is to look back at wedding photos and be transported into each moment captured.

having a wedding downtown in the heart of the city can be madness, but not if you plan it right. the last thing i want to do is pull you away from time spent with your family & friends. if we design the timeline correctly – everyone has a portait list on hand – they know where to be – problem solved.

the day will go by in a blink of an eye. i don’t want to spend it directing people where to be.

leave it up to me to capture those candids while you do your thang.

chris & rikki even had extra portrait time at sunset, embracing the contruction zones that never seem to end.
thanks to my sweet friend alexandra for shooting this with me!

  1. Heather

    Amazing photos like usual! You captured the beauty and fun of their relationship!

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if you want great wedding photos you’ve gotta plan for it.

that’s key.

schedule a reasonable amount of time to get it right.

all venues have great locations if not on site, but close by. if need be, we’ll go down the road to a spot i scoped out previously before the wedding.

it can make your portraits that much more SPECIAL.

treat this time as a breather. collect your thoughts. a few moments apart from family & guests. you’ve just become husband & wife. let that sink itself right in.
thanks to my girl, alexandra for shooting this with me!


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