it’s days like this that get me high.

if every wedding i shot turned out this way. i’d die a happy woman.

jessie. she’s perfect as can be. so whimsical & full of grace.

she spoke vows that give chills up your spine.

together, her & matt are as sweet as can be.

not one person complained about the rain. we made the most of it. my camera’s probably got a little too wet, but who cares. we ran out from under cover any time the rain spared us a few minutes. allowing us to get the shots we needed.

what a day.

  1. Joanie Houghton

    his was the most magical wedding I have ever been too. These pictures could not be anymore PERFECT in every way! Best wedding photos I have ever seen! Great job!

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so i went to chelan for a weekend to 2nd shoot with andria lindquist.

she basically kills it at life. we already know that.

another plus was that naomi came along. she interned for andria. straight from new zealand. here for 6 weeks.

the 3 of us spent an entire weekend together, picking each other’s brains, laughing our asses off & most importantly we shot a damn beautiful wedding.

here are some of the images i shot.

i’m so lucky to be brought on & meet all the fabulous people involved with this wedding.



  1. Dave Bryant

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your special day. Congratulations.

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