it’s just a regular monday morning…

let me introduce to halani & matt.

the sweetest pair you ever did see.

love these two. including how much matt loves to model. he’s got it goin’ on.


these ladies look like rich housewives with nothing better to do than lounge in their pearls & drink wine. SO GOOD.

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the atmosphere of a backyard wedding is free flowing & easy going.

i can’t tell you how jealous i am of the ones who have the connection to get married on a relative’s beautiful property.

in my opinion it’s the golden ticket.

feast your eyes on emily & zach.

to witness a couple unable to control their excitement is wonderful. extremely ready to marry each other. they were like giggly teenagers. so in love. they couldn’t even sit still.

PRESS PLAY ^^^^^^^^

mind you, em & her sisters are such natural beauties…all these little babies are so photogenic. it’s almost too much to sweet are they? grandpa & grandma ring bearers…

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