the rumors are true

here’s what real couples have to say about working together.


“many girls dream of the day they get engaged, and yes i did too, but you know what i really dreamt of? the photos. the engagement photos, the wedding photos. photography was my number one priority going into planning our special day because they are what you are left with after a whirlwind year of planning & celebrating. the photos keep the memory alive. i only wanted to use one photographer, and that was alyssa wilcox. she is the best of the best.

i have followed alyssa’s work as far back as i can remember – her unique style has always stayed consistent. i LOVE her style. the photos always look effortless. her photos tell a story, they are natural, they capture a candid moment in time, & they leave you wondering things like, ‘what song was playing?’ ‘what do those flowers smell like?’ ‘what are they laughing at?’ ‘look at how he looks at her.’ she is able to capture all of those intimate

alyssa is such a gem to work with. before you even meet her, she is quick to respond & communicate with – super organized & straight to the point. once you do meet her, you immediately know that she is genuinely interested in YOU as the couple. interested in your relationship, in your plans, in your engagement & wedding. she has this aura about her that puts you at ease. she is down for anything but can also make any surrounding look beautiful with her pictures – trust her. she is the sweetest person, but assertive at the same time – which is so important as a photographer directing people what to do. she is so experienced with the flow of a wedding day that she maintains this stress-free nature that is contagious. after all is said and done, alyssa communicates clearly on when you can expect your photos back & follows up on her promise as well as suggestions on how to get the best prints.

SHE is amazing. & HER WORK is amazing. if i got married 5 more times, i would use her each time.”

  • – kayley & kyle


“i’m an honest believer that your wedding day is what you make it. who you include in your day can make all the difference & the decision to have alyssa as our photographer was one of the best we made. alyssa genuinely cared about our day. she made everything feel seamless, was very professional, & somehow also extremely laid back. we had so much fun getting photographed & i can honestly say i have never felt more comfortable in front of the camera. every time i look at those photos i am overcome with how amazing they are. she can somehow bring the tiniest little detail to life but also knows how to capture the most profoundly deep moments in a way that you can almost feel them again. if you are considering hiring alyssa for your photographer, do it!”

– brittney & blaze


“If alyssa were a color, she would be a soft blush nude. or a calming jade green. or a deep oxblood red. she is tender & soothing & passionate & this is infused into every frame, every photographic moment she creates. of the years i’ve been blessed to have her as my photographer, she has captured the most precious moments in time for my family and i.

from a whimsical anniversary shoot with my high school sweetheart, to our daring (& dangerous!) adventure atop vancecreek bridge to capture our engagement, to our i-do’s & beyond at our ethereal garden wedding, to the most elegant maternity shoot i could ever ask for, to the hectic but perfect session of our tiny 2 month old twin baby girls, to boudoir & headshots & the fun in between — i could never ever dream of being a part of the talent she was born with. the rich colors of her art sets the tone & suddenly you’re living in the photos you’re looking at. she is completely mesmerizing — pure photography magic.”

– malia & daniel


“alyssa made my day amazing. before the big day, she met me for coffee to talk about expectations, tips, etc. she was so friendly & helped me feel at home right away. we only needed her for 7 hours of coverage, but she showed up early in the morning ready to go & stayed all through the night until the last guest was gone. alyssa was calm & easy going. she is down to earth but takes her work very seriously, the perfect combination for a stressful day like your WEDDING. if anything, i would say alyssa does not charge enough. the quality of her work is up to par with the best wedding photographers in the country. having your photos taken by alyssa will not only give you lifelong memories to cherish, but a lifelong friend as well.”

– lydia & jared


“alyssa’s photography has the same effect on me as walking into anthropologie…”how does everything in sight look so dang artistic & beautiful?” her pictures speak for themselves. straight-up magazine worthy. dreamy, rich in color & story. pure artistry.  

in today’s world of wedding planning, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the options.  from our initial email exchange, we shared an immediate connection. it was more about getting to know us as a couple, & less about her. she shared a genuine interest in our story & strived to capture our day just as we wanted, with her artistic interpretation.  

to say i had a vision is an understatement. an ethereal garden party under the stars with posh gossip girl vibes. lush greenery everywhere. got all that? alyssa did. she just gets me! aside from wanting to take bomb pictures, alyssa collaborated with me from day one on achieving my vision.  from the venue to our engagement shoot to the day of our wedding, she happily offered ideas on how to tie everything together through photographs. as a bride-to-be in planning mode, obsessed with the aesthetics, she inspired me to ensure that every decision made stuck to my true vision. because she was so in tune with our personalities & what we wanted for our wedding, we had zero worries that she knew how to perfectly capture our big day.

no time limit. no rules (on how & when to share our pictures). no judgement (when i asked her to let me blast beyonce from a portable speaker at the volunteer park conservatory or when i ditched everyone to grab a moscow mule for a moment of zen before the ceremony).     

& the end result? i’ve gained a true friendship; someone that continues to inspire me as an artist & a bosslady, & badass pictures that our future kids can look at years from now and say, “wow – mom and dad were cool!”. “

– kathrina & ryon



have you ever seen that show chef’s table? well, if you haven’t, you should. it follows top chefs who don’t just cook their passions, but LIVE them. they draw from all aspects of life for inspiration and it spills out in beautifully crafted dishes where eating becomes this whole experience: you can see/taste/smell something extraordinary—& to me, that’s alyssa!

my husband and i were fortunate enough to have alyssa as our wedding photographer in 2015. the dreamiest wedding in the dreamiest garden that my sweet partner worked hard planting & building paths through & putting up arbors in for years. the big day came, & it rained. it didn’t just rain, it STORMED. & yet somehow, it was okay. we smiled, we danced, we sang, we splashed in puddles & baptized ourselves in the river. without a thought to her expensive equipment, alyssa was right there with us for every drippy droppy moment. she captured the joy, the humor, the love in an authentic way that takes me right back whenever i look at those photos.

alyssa brings life to still-frames, she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. she will take something common & focus on the delicate details, she will draw out some truth in the moment, & suddenly the ordinary is something special; a rainy wedding day kiss or a slug crawling up someone’s wine glass—what makes her special is the way she gets into your world & draws out the best bits of you & then captures them in tiny perfect candid moments. i have the experience of alyssa as a passionate photographer, but more than that, I have the experience of her as passionate about PEOPLE, about connecting. & that, in a photo? Is pure magic.”

– jessie & matt


“when my husband & i were planning our wedding, our number one mission after we picked our venue, was to find a photographer who fit our needs & style. this was extremely important to both of us. we searched high & low with nothing really piquing our interest & then i stumbled across ayssa’s photography facebook page & immediately fell in love.

communicating with alyssa is easy. she’s friendly & honest & has a very clear passion for her work. we knew that we wanted all the moments of our day captured organically instead of standing around forever forced into a million different poses with our bridal party. she did an outstanding job, capturing it all. the mood, the emotions, the love & all the excitement. our photos are absolutely beautiful. so many of our friends have commented on how stunning they are & wish they could have alyssa do theirs if they could redo it all over again & many do plan to have her shoot their future weddings or big life events.

alyssa has produced gorgeous sets of photos for us over & over again, from our wedding, engagement, my pregnancy, our newborn baby, & various other shoots of my family or our daughter. we highly recommend her to anyone who appreciates raw, authentic, stunning photography. having these quality documented images of the people you love is invaluable. we are so thankful to have found a photographer & friend for life.”

– melanie & sean


“alyssa was our photographer years before we booked her. we fell in love with her mesmerizing style and knew we couldn’t have anyone else capture our day. i feel like i fall into her photographs. they read like i’m recalling a memory, without having ever been there to experience the snapshot. alyssa captures the most intimate in-between moments, which reveal the truest and most fleeting version of her couples.

working with alyssa was a dreamy process. with a long engagement, we had the time to craft our wedding to be a perfect reflection of our relationship. our vendors were particularly important to us, as we were bringing other people onto our team who needed to understand us and our vision. alyssa’s aesthetic flowed with our unconventional style and quirky ideas. she let me take the lead in planning treehouse getaways, double decker bus surprises, and mid-wedding day architectural road trips. her artistry and enthusiasm took over on each adventure, elevating the shoot beyond my initial conception and yet fulfilling every expectation i had imagined.

the friendship alyssa develops with a client is at the core of her success. she is warm, invested, and easy to chat with over everything and nothing. alyssa builds a trust that translates into shoots that are natural and comfortable. we’ve spent enough evenings making alyssa a part of our lives that my husband insists she will be our sole lifetime photographer.”

kayla & jonathan